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Tu so najcenejši hotel v najbolj priljubljeno destinacijo mest.  Izberite mesto razširiti iskanje na vse lastnosti, v bližini vaših najljubših mest. Izberite Rezervirajte zdaj rezervirati takoj online.

Najcenejši Cene:

Cairo, Egypt

The Australian Hostelcene od $5
Cairo, 23 Abd El Khalek Tharwat St 3Rd Floor   
Hostel - We offer a free pick up from the airport : 3 nights or more for the single room, 2 night or more for the double room, 2 night or more the triple room, Located in the Heart of Cairo, Clean rooms and friendly Staff.
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Venus Hotelcene od $5
Cairo, 38 El-Taawon Street, Algayarh, Alazbakeyah, Downtown   
Hostel - Venus Hotel is located in the city center, in the center square of Ramesis. It is 2 minutes walking distance from Ramesis Train Station and 5 minutes away from Turguman Bus Station
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El Zahraa Hostelcene od EGP 90
Cairo, 11 Ramses St,. El Tahrer Sq   
Hostel - Given its exceptional location, Front Egyptian Museum, in the heart of Downtown ( Tahrer Square )
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Cairo Night Hotelcene od $6
Cairo, 19 B Adly Street From Shreef Street. Downtown   
Guesthouse - New Hotel in the center of Downtown, in a quiet area
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City Plaza Hostelcene od EGP 95
Cairo, 13 (26 July Street) Sixth Floor   
Hostel - City Plaza Hostel Cheap Hostel in Cairo
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New Palace Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  3.8   (Preberi 2 pregledi)
cene od $7
Cairo, 17, Soliman El Halaby St   
Hostel - The hotel is located in the heart of the city, midway between the Egyptian Museum and the Ramses Station.
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Jamaica Hostelcene od $7
Cairo, 34 El Khalek Sarwat Street - Downtown   
Hostel - Jamaica Hostel new Hostel opened in june 2010 designed for all budget travelers
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Kings Palace Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  3.1   (Preberi 3 pregledi)
cene od EGP 105
Cairo, 3 Ibrahim El Qabbani St Of Sabri Abu Alam St ,talaat Harb Sq   
Hostel - KINGS PALACE HOTEL is Arabian Night style
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Juliana Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.5   (Preberi 5 pregledi)
cene od EGP 120
Cairo, 8 Ibrahim Nagib Street - The Embassies Area - Garden City -   
Hotel - Cheap hostel hotel guesthouse in Cairo Egypt for Backpackers family Students Couples
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Cairo Stars Hotelcene od EGP 120
Cairo, 16 Adly Street, Downtown   
Hostel - Cairo Stars Hotel
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Meramees Hostelcene od $8
Cairo, 32 Sabri Abou Alam St. Cairo   
Hostel - we offer free airport pickup to all our guest please send ur flight info... as we have 2 airport gate
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Mesho Inn Hostelcene od $8
Cairo, 43 Sherif St 3Rd Floor, Downtown   
Hostel - Cheap hostel, hotel and guesthouse in Cairo Egypt for Backpackers, families, Students or Couples
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Nile Paradisecene od $9
Cairo, 56, El- Giza St, El- Dokki , Giza .   
Hostel - The hotel is located at the best logic, a center of the city and overlooking the beautiful landscapes of Egypt and the Nile beautiful and that the tenth floor of this you can
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Jasmine Hostelcene od $9
Cairo, 26 Sherif St, Off Qasr Al- Nil St, Downtown   
Hostel - Our beautiful and clean property is perfect for all types of travelers including, backpackers, families, and students. We invite you to stay with us and consider us your home away from home in Cairo. Our goal is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible
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Travelers House Hotelcene od EGP 140
Cairo, 43 Sherif Basha Street   
Hotel - Brand new hostel in the commercial district of downtown Cairo.
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Wake Up Cairo Hostel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.9   (Preberi 5 pregledi)
cene od $10
Cairo, 33 A Ramses Street , Marouf Tower Downtown   
Hostel - "Wake Up! Cairo Hostel is the Best Hostel in Cairo, Egypt, and perhaps the best in Africa!"
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Miami Cairo Hostelcene od $10
Cairo, 34 Talaat Harb Street, 2Nd Floor, Yacoubian Building   
Hostel - cairo
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Arabian Nights
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.9   (Preberi pregledi)
cene od €10
Cairo, 10 Al Aded St   
Hotel - Your Arabian Nights Dreams will come true in Islamic cairo. Come and enjoy all our hotel has to offer, such as free breakfast, free wireless internet, sparkling clean rooms and a fantastic rooftop view!
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Select Hostel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.4   (Preberi pregledi)
cene od $13
Cairo, 19 ( A) Adly St. Down Town, In Front Of Kodak Shops   
Hostel - Select hostel is perfect for backpackers! We offer you clean, comfortable and safe accommodation as well as hot water, clean bed linen, air conditioning and towels.
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African House Hostel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.1   (Preberi 8 pregledi)
cene od $13
Cairo, 15 Emad Eldeen Street,downtown   
Hostel - African house hostel budget travelers offers clean rooms including good service with rasionable prices for budget travelers
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Nubian Hostelcene od $13
Cairo, 4 Elwy Street, Off Qasr El Nile Street   
Hostel - Newly opened in February 2008, this high quality and well located hostel is open ready for business Nubian Hostel Cheap hostel & guesthouse in Egypt Cairo for Students Family Backpackers and All Budget!
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Regent House Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  3.2   (Preberi 16 pregledi)
cene od $14
Cairo, 2 Maruf Street From Talat Harb   
Hostel - hotelregenthouse is clean and comfortable and the cheap between the other hostels
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Each Way Hostelcene od $14
Cairo, 44A Talaat Harb Street 5Th-Downtown   
Hostel - Cheap hostel hotel guesthouse in Cairo Egypt for Backpackers family Students Couples
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Museum View Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  3.7   (Preberi 5 pregledi)
cene od $15
Cairo, 2, Champilion Street   
Hotel - The hotel located just cross road from the Egyptian Museum , 2 minuts from Sadat metro station
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Let Me Inn Hostel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.4   (Preberi 9 pregledi)
cene od $15
Cairo, 19b, Adly St.   
Hostel - Ya estas en el cairo ,Buscas un lugar tranquilo para pasar tus vacaciones ,pues,ya estas con nosotros en LET ME INN HOSTAL que esta en el centro de la ciudad a lado del museo egipcio y todas las areas turisticas .vive la vida egipcia con nosotros:)
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Luxor, Egypt

New Everest Hotel Luxor
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.9   (Preberi pregledi)
cene od $6
Luxor, Train Sation St   
Hostel - Welcome to Egypt, welcome to Luxor and welcome to the new everest Hotel. The new everest hotel is clean and welcoming and it has 16 spacious double and 3-bed singel rooms most with air con
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Horus Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.2   (Preberi pregledi)
cene od $9
Luxor, Karnak Temple Street   
Hotel - We are the only hotel in the city of Luxor where you can see all of the Luxor temple from your room. Also you will see the Nile River and some of the west bank from your room balcony
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Dahab, Egypt

Sheikh Salem Housecene od EGP 100
Dahab, El Malil Street   
Guesthouse - Sheikh Salem House is a small guest house in Dahab. Set in a magnificent location on the Red Sea with accommodation to suit all budgets.
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Seven Heaven Hotelcene od EGP 100
Dahab, El Masbet   
Hostel - hotel and diving center
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Sharm ash Shaykh, Egypt

Aida Better Lifecene od $10
Sharm ash Shaykh, Hadaba Om El Sid   
Hotel - Have a nice holiday in our hotel
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Badahl, Egypt

Alpenblick Bahariya Hotel
Ocena uporabnikov:  3.4   (Preberi pregledi)
cene od €9
Badahl, Bawiti   
Hotel - We invite you to share in our curiosity and passion for adventure, your world may never be the same again
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Al Ba`irat, Egypt

Hotel Sheherazade
Ocena uporabnikov:  4.8   (Preberi 2 pregledi)
cene od EGP 200
Al Ba`irat, Gezira El Bairat,   
Hotel - An oasis of calm in a green and shady garden, away from the hustle and bustle of central Luxor.
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Qina, Egypt

Sunset Hotelcene od $14
Qina, Aly Ebn Taleb St. From Khaled Ebn   
Hotel - this a small hotel in the middle of luxor,easy reach to any of the temples and to get to the west bank either by ferry or taxi,the staff so freindly and rooms aircondition
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Al Ghardaqah, Egypt

Happy Dayscene od $14
Al Ghardaqah, Al Sekala   
Guesthouse - Excellent apartments in Hurghada
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Al Karnak, Egypt

Sunset Hotel Luxorcene od $15
Al Karnak, Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street From Kaled Ebn Elwaled   
Hotel - 3 stars hotel
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Najcenejši hoteli, hotel obravnava, in proračun potovanje v Egypt - Egypt Instant Booking.

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